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Washington-Lee High School World History SOL Review Workshop
This QUIA Web Page is designed to help you review for the State of Virginia Standards of Learning Test for World History: 1000 AD to the Present.

The "Your QUIA Activities" section contains review materials I prepared for my students during the regular school year.  Click on the various activities below to refresh your memory on facts like names, dates, ideas, places, etc. 

The "Useful Links" section contains review materials prepared by other teachers but available to you through QUIA. Also included is a link to the State of New York Regents' Examination Preparation Site.  You may find it helpful to review some of these materials, too.

Finally, there is an on-line quiz for you to take.  QUIA will send me the information about which questions you are getting right.  That way, we can concentrate on any weak areas.

If you have access to the Internet at home, you can use the QUIA page at home as well as at school.

Hope you find these activities enjoyable and educational.

Good luck on Friday, August 10, when you take the SOL Exam. I am sure you will all do well.
My Quia activities and quizzes
A New Worldview of Europe 1450 - 1715
The Age of Exploration and Early Imperialism
Review the Renaissance and Reformation
The European Renaissance and Reformation
The Cold War
The Cold War
The Middle Ages
The European Middle Ages
World History Third Quarter Review
A Variety of Questions
Renaissance Hangman
Do you like playing "hangman?"
World History Third Quarter Review: session world history review
The on-line quiz
Useful links
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