superbspanishstudent Mr. Allen
Notre Dame High School I am a supeb student in Mrs. Marie Madden's class at Notre Dame High School
hey guys!
Wassup to Sra. Madden's Period 7 class!!!! Hi to Christine, Will, Skyeler, Collin, Meghan!, ALEXIS!! (luv uz!), Pat!, Jeanelle (YOU ARE IN MY WAY!!!!),  Chrissy, Tori, Smolian!, Jennifer, Andrew, Jennifer and the rest I forgot! I'll update my page tomorrow, it's getting to late tonight...I'll add pictures and all that stuff laterz....AND one last thing wassups to

IAN (aka McMahon)...although u piss me off sometimes, you get kinda funny and crack me up kewl with you....but u try too hard to defeat me in for your humor and making me laugh during period 7...;) best friend..thanx for all your kindness and patience, i hope we will stay like this for years to are such a great friend. LuV uZ ;)

WILL...Mr. Athletic at everything...Keep up the good work!...and stop trying to lie about your bleached

Kirby!!...for the one who i must've forgot to place in my web page...sorry dude..

THE ONE AND ONLY MRS. MADDEN! thanks for wonderful lectures, you really made us understand Spanish more proficient. you add fun stuff that makes us learn more words at an easier pace....thanx =)
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PeRioD 7!!!
Click here guys!! remember this is only the site for Mrs. Madden's kewl class of Period 7...all others must go away! (adios, BYE BYE BYE (doesn't that remind you of the 'NSYNC song?), beat it, scram!)
PeRioD SiEtE
Was the other one to easy for you? (if you say it was too hard, you seriously are a dumb-bell (just kidding! =) now, try these games...
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