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DES Training - Ashland Region  
Welcome to the Superior New Worker Class web page!

Please feel free to play any of the games on this site.

Please only complete the quiz sessions your instructor has assigned to you. Please note the quiz session name for the listed quizes - you need to type that in on the prompt screen after you click the "address".
My Quia activities and quizzes
Child Care CARES Tran Codes
Work Program CARES Screens
Food Stamp Lingo
W-2 Terms
Institutions Medicaid CARES Codes
Medicaid CARES Codes
Child Care/Supportive Serives Jeapordy Challenge
W-2 Application Process: session w2 process - superior
W-2 Employment Ladder: session w2 ladder - superior
Child Care Policy: session child care - superior
Supportive Services: session supportive services - superior
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