superstudies123 Mademoiselle Dauphin
  Super Studies 123
Welcome Students
¤ Please define the following words:
    -Cat house
    -Thrashin' Machines
¤ Read and translate the first 600 pages in your Latin    book
¤ Read pages 652-1028 in your science book.
¤ Write a short novel (around 400 pages) on the meaning of life
¤  There will be a History test focusing on the begining of time until today.
¤  There will be a German test, of which you will recieve a short essay (25 pages) and you will translate it all into French or English.
¤  Don't forget you all will take the TFH tests this Friday.
Long Term Assignments:
¤  Finish up your study on the lives of frogs.
¤  Start up your study on the lives of fish at the bottom of trenches in the Atlantic.
Study Sessions:
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