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Hello!  This website is designed to help students learn more about the University at Buffalo Libraries.

The UB Libraries and the University are committed to helping students learn library research skills, and the Library Skills Workbook is part of that learning process. As a section of the University's General Education program, all students must satisfy the Library Skills requirement by completing the Library Skills Workbook with a minimum score of 20 out of 25.

Since library skills are needed to complete course assignments, we highly recommend that you complete the Library Skills Workbook during your first semester at UB.

If you cannot remember if you have completed the Library Skills Workbook already, want to know your score, or are unsure of your eligibility, please check your DARS Report or stop by the Undergraduate Library (UGL) Office, Room 107 Capen Hall on the North Campus.

Use the activities below to learn more about using the Libraries.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Library Skills Basic Quiz
Library Skills Pop-ups
Library Skills Rags to Riches
Useful links
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