suther1a Mrs. Sutherland
Sam Rayburn High School Alg1/Alg1A/Alg2/Math Models Instructor
Algebra 1-A
Agenda for the Week of April 9-12, 2001.

Monday- Word problems on systems of equatons.
         Assign.- Students make up problems and share.

Tuesday- Use substitution to solve systems.
          Assign.- p774 (8-2) #1-9.

Wednesday- Use elimination to solve systems.
            Assign.- p775(8-3) #1-10.

Thursday- Use elimination to solve systems.
            Assign.- P775(8-4) #7-15.
            Early release.

Friday- No School!!!
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Algebra 1&1A Chapter 1-Vocabulary
A matching game using vocabulary words from Chapter 1.
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