swadner Mrs. Swadner
Monday March 26
8th 277, 281 section wrap up
7th 327 problem solving
6th 273, 275 section wrap up

Tuesday March 27
8th Lab Report
7th 334 Long term project

Wednesday March 28
8th Lab Report, section wrap up 291
7th Long term project
6th 280 problem solving

Thursday March 29
8th 291 section wrap up
7th Long term project
6th 286 section wrap up

Friday March 30
Report Cards!!!  Out of Uniform Day!!!
It is important that you read the Sections listed in the homework!  We will take notes and discuss the material in class and I want every student participate in the discussions. It is up to you to do the learning!
I am proud of the eighth grade students who participated in Science Olympiad. We won 4 Bronze metals!!!
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