swinnie5 Mrs. Swinnie
Andrews Elementary School 5th grade
I hope all of you have had a great summer and a wonderful Labor Day vacation.  We have had a couple of weeks to get adjusted to the new schedule for this year.  Parents, I teach your child math and science.  Mrs. Moore teaches language arts and social studies.  We are in the process of scheduling conferences with every parent.  Due to beginning of the year meetings, we are having some difficulties, but will meet with all of you by the end of September.  During these conferences we will be showing you the new math series and some of the new materials your child will be using this year. If you have any questions at all, about anything, please ask us and we will try to help.  If we do not know the answer, maybe we can steer you to someone who can help you.  
Students, if you come to class prepared, have your homework and pay attention in class you are sure to have a successful year.

Homework:  None-enjoy the holiday
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