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Coach Michael Nayman
August 13, 2001


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course is an overview of the foundations of American Government, the branches of government and the political systems. In addition, we will examine important terms, people and issues that will assist college preparatory students in building a foundation for the study of government and political systems.

TEXTBOOK:  Magruder’s American Government  published by Prentice Hall ---- Cost: $51.47.

FORMAT:  This class is designed to prepare the student for future higher levels of secondary social sciences. Class discussion, lecture, note taking, essay writing, small group activities, research, independent reading, tests, and projects will be used. Students are expected to complete all assignments on time. Daily reading outside of class is not only expected, but required in order to succeed in this course.

GRADING SYSTEM: Grades will be calculated on a TOTAL POINTS system. In order to determine a student’s average, simply divide the number of points the student earns by the total number of possible points. (EXAMPLE:  The student earns 500 points out of a possible 600 points.  500 divided by 600 equals 83.31 for an 83 average or a letter grade of a B.)  Grades will be posted periodically throughout the semester by student number.

1. Tests – There will be one test per chapter. The test will only be over the single chapter. The point value of a test will be between 50 and 100 points.
2. Homework – There could be several homework assignments per chapter. The point value of these assignments will vary between 5 and 50 points depending on the difficulty of the assignment.
3. Unannounced Quizzes – Worth between 10-25 points may be given throughout the semester at the teacher’s discretion.
4. Projects – There will be several projects during the semester that may be completed individually or in a small group, depending on circumstances as determined by the teacher. The projects will carry a point value between 50-100 points.
5. Exam – The final will be worth 150-200 points and will be accumulative
6. U.S. Government Notebook – All students will be required to keep a class notebook throughout the semester. The notebook may be checked periodically for a grade without advanced notice. All notebooks MAY be taken up with at least 24 hours notice and graded near the end of a semester for a test grade. Failure to present a notebook will result in a grade of a ZERO. No photocopied notebook pages will be accepted in this event.

MAKE-UP WORK: Students are responsible for any work missed during an absence. If work is not made up within three to five days, depending on the number of days absent, the work will be counted as a ZERO.

LATE ASSIGNMENTS: Late assignments will be accepted up to ONE (1) day late for a grade of 70%. After that point, assignments that have not been turned in will be assigned an automatic grade of ZERO.

EXTRA CREDIT: There will be selected opportunities for extra credit for the class of U.S. Government.  These will be given solely at the discretion of the teacher and they are not to be taken or given lightly. However, if you do your work properly and promptly, there will be no need for extra credit in this class.
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