symslab Mr. Mandarano
San Ysidro Middle School Technology Lab Instructor
Friday, March 24, 2000
Follow all the Directions

Good morning everyone!  Mr. Mandarano will be back on Monday.  This is the class schedule today:

         1. Key Words for the first full 10 minutes of
            class.  Practice the fourth lesson "GO" for
            next week's test.

         2. Using MS Word and the internet, copy pictures
            and insert them into Word documents that you
            will be using in your travel brochures.

         3. Make an outline in MSWord listing exactly what
            will be on each page


Page 1 Two pictures on the top and one on the right bottom, Welcome page and table of contents

Page 2 Chart of cheapest ways to get there, a picture of the symbols of three different airlines that go there,

That's an example...but that's not very much...mine would probably get a "C" because it is not very specific nor does it have a lot of information!  Go for the "A"!

Remember to use the link below to help you look for information!!!  Turn everything in at the end of the period I'll be checking.  15 points for each person in the group for the outline.
Useful links
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