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Cinco Ranch Church of Christ The Synagogue
The Jews went to the synagogue on the Sabbath which was Saturday.  God picked the seventh day because it was on this day that He rested from the creation.  The beginning of the Sabbath was announced with three blasts from a trumpet.

At the Sabbath service scriptures were read, a sermon was preached, prayers were offered, blessings were given and the trumpet was blown (at the beginning and end of the Sabbath.)

In the synagogue, Men sat in one section, women in another and the leaders in another.

It took 10 men to start a synagogue and it was built on the highest spot in the city and faced Jerusalem.

In every synagogue, there was a chest containing the scriptures, a platform for reading, lamps, caldelabra, musical instruments, and rows of wooden seats.

The ruler of the synagogue was responsible for upkeep of building and property, oversight of public worship, picking people to read and pray, and inviting strangers to address the congregation.

The person who read from the scriptures always stood.  And each week scripture readings woudl be taken from the Law and from the Prophets.

The service always ended with three trumpet blasts.
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