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Universidad de Antioquia Technical English for Computers

This session has been designed for you to practice exploring some English courses available on-line.

1. Contact the sites linked below and explore them. Some will take you to online English courses, others correspond to readings on which some activities are based. Bring your own comments to our next class.

2. When contacting "", do the following:

a. click on MANY MORE and look for TECHNOLOGY
b. click on activity No.1 (Basic Computer Systems). Test yourself about these basic concepts on computer systems.
c. Then, try  activity No.3 (Computer Basics). Choose one of those games or all of them if you like. Test your own knowledge about these parts and their descriptions and / or functions.

Have Fun! and keep in mind that you can improve not only your English but your career performance through these means.

Also remember that you can contact this site as many times as you want. That's what technology is for!

Claudia Villa N.
English Teacher
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