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                               TANACH STORIES



First, the people of Canaan started a war against the Hebrew tribe in the city of Ephraim. For twenty years they brought trouble to the Hebrews.

The Canaanite army was led by a mean captain named Sisera. He ordered his men to steal the Hebrews’ crops and burn their fields.

In the hills lived a brave, wise woman named Dvorah. She would sit under an olive tree and tell her people how to act. Soon, the people came to Dvorah from all parts of the land. They told her their troubles. She gave them advice and taught them to trust in God.

One day men and women ran to Dvorah, shouting, “Sisera’s men are marching towards Ephraim. We have no one to lead us. What shall we do?”

Dvorah sent for a young Hebrew soldier named Barak. She said to him, “Send messengers to each of the Hebrew tribes. Tell them to send their soldiers. You will lead them against Sisera’s army.”

“But Sisera’s army is very strong!” said Barak. "They have hundreds of iron chariots. We have only swords.”

Dvorah said, “If God is with us, thousands of chariots will not help Sisera. If you lead your men to the mountaintop, you can rush down on Sisera’s soldiers.”

“That seems like a good plan,” said Barak. “But you must go with us, Dvorah. The people will follow only you.”

Barak sent to the other tribes for help. Soon, ten thousand Hebrew soldiers marched up the mountain. They were led by Dvorah, followed by Barak.

Down near the river Kishon, Sisera’s men were ready for a fight. Suddenly, the sky grew dark! It grew as dark as night! Rain poured down! And poured down! The river Kishon began to rise … and rise!

“To the attack!” shouted Dvorah. “Even the sky is on our side! This is the day God put Sisera into your power!”

Barak and the ten thousand Hebrew soldiers rushed down the mountainside. But they did not have to fight. The river Kishon rose all night. Thousands of Sisera’s men were washed into the river. The others tried to run. Their horses and chariots stuck in the mud. By morning, not one of Sisera’s soldiers could be found. There was peace in the land for forty years.

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