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                               THE TWELVE SPIES


After Bnei Yisrael had been a year at Mount Sinai, the cloud started to move
again. Now they were at last coming into the Land of Canaan! Yet, before they
got there, the people grew worried again and said to Moses:

“Couldn’t we first send a few men there to find out if we can really live
there? To see if the land is indeed as good as we have been told?”

Moses replied:

“Very well, we will send twelve men over there, one from each tribe, and they
will tell us what the country looks like.”

After forty days they returned, carrying such large pomegranates and bunches of
grapes that two men had to carry the grapes on a stick across their shoulders.

Moses and the people asked them what they had seen.

Some of the spies said:

“It is indeed a land flowing with milk and honey, as God promised us. But it
would be totally impossible for us to live there. The people there are too
strong for us. They are wild, wicked men, real giants who would kill us.”

Again the people became frightened. They shouted at Moses, “Why have you
brought us here to die?”  Many wanted to return to Egypt. But Joshua and Caleb,
two of the twelve spies, believed in God, and said:

“God is with us. He will help us. We will be able to conquer the land.”  But
the Children of Israel did not want to hear anything of it. Now God was very
sad and disappointed with His people, and said to Moses:

“These people are no longer allowed to go into this land. They will have to
stay in the desert for forty years, and during those forty years they will all
die. But their children now under twenty years old, will be braver. They are
the ones I shall lead into Canaan. But they still have a great deal to learn.”
Moses pleaded, prayed and asked God for forgiveness for his people. But this
time, nothing helped.


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PARASHA - Twelve spies
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