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When out shopping, a Jewish person has to THINK about what he or she may buy. Many foods may be bought in any shop, but they must either have a hechsher (stamp saying the item is certified kosher) or appear on a list of kosher products that is printed each year by the New South Wales Kashrut Authority.

What is a 'hechsher'?

Eating kosher is so important that in a Jewish community, the Beth Din (or the Rabbi of the town) arranges to check the way food, which is on sale to the public, is prepared,  in order to make sure that it is kosher.

When food is supervised in this way, we say it has a 'hechsher'.  On the wrapping of the food there will be a note to state which rabbi, or which Jewish organisation, arranged for the item to be produced under supervision.

A Jewish person, known as the 'shomer' (overseer), checks the factory (or bakery, butcher's shop, catering kitchen, etc) while the food is being prepared and packed.  Of course s/he has a very responsible job.  S/he sees that only kosher ingredients are used.  S/he also checks that the food is prepared in a way that makes it suitable for Jewish people according to the halacha (Jewish law). For example milk foods may not be cooked in pots used for meat; if the food is meant for Pesach, of course no chametz may be used on the production line; and so on.

Where to buy kosher foods in Sydney

You are feeling a bit hungry and you decide to go out to buy some food. Of course, you only buy kosher food.

There may be a shop near you which sells kosher biscuits, snacks, and other food, or you may need to take a train or a bus!

You can also visit supermarkets in some parts of Sydney: some Coles and Franklins stock a variety of kosher items.

Where would you go to buy kosher items?  Use the information below to help you decide.

Kosher delis

Grandma Moses (Bakery and deli)
511 Old South Head Road Rose Bay
Ph. 93710874

Krinskys (Groceries)
175 Bondi Road, Bondi
Ph. 93869021

Lewis’ Continental kitchen
2 Curlewis St, Bondi
Ph. 93655421

Starks Delicatessen (Groceries)
95 Hall St, Bondi Beach
Ph. 91303872

Glicks (Bakery)
173 Bondi Road Bondi
Ph. 9386 9949

Take-Away shops

Grandma Moses
511 Old South Head Road Rose Bay
Ph. 9371 0874

Lewis’ Continental Kitchen
2 Curlewis St, Bondi
Ph. 9365 5421

Savion (Israeli food)
Shop 38 Wairoa Ave Bondi
Ph. 9130 6357

Katzy’s (pies, chicken etc.)
2/113 Hall St Bondi
Ph. 9130 6755

Pita Mix (Israeli food)
Cnr New South Head Rd & Dover Rd Rose Bay
Ph. 9388 1424

Bondi Pizza Gallery
O'Brien Street, Bondi
Ph. 9130 1036


Assurance of Kashrut, issued
by rabbinical authority.

Kashrut supervisor

Rabbinical Court

Jewish law

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