Sanford Middle
The talking book is a story that you will type in PowerPoint.
It must be totally original, from your own imagination.
You may use any or all of the skills you have learned from creating your comic book:
pictures sounds videos
word bubbles custom colors transitions
effects timing text
continuous looping.

You MUST have a title slide.(title and name, date, period, team)
You must use at least 15 slides.
When the story is finished, you will check out a headset with microphone and narrate your entire slide show by reading each slide into the microphone.  You will save this presentation.

We will be useing group activity to complete the project.  Each person will set their own powerpoint to work into the others presentation.  There will be sound, Pictures, animations, and transitions.

When you play the talking book, it should play from beginning to end without stop and the narration should go along with the story, so that even a young child can follow the story without reading the text.  Save it as “yournametalkingbook”.
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