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Saghalie Junior High instructor Math Matters 2, 8th grade
A big thank you goes out to Outdoor Emporium for their generous supply of VERY below cost Silva compasses. We will be using these in our next science unit "Planet Earth". This week we will begin our unit in algebra with lessons in: number sense, adding and subtracting integers, multiplying and dividing integers and problem solving skills. Students will also be required to define math vocabulary words daily. Ask your student to show you his/her planner. They are responsible for filling it out every Monday for the week. Students with the Algebra books will be using those books to support in class material with homework that is relevant. Work sheets will be sent home on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for those students who are not in the Algebra book. The curriculum is rigerous and fast paced, so we will be doing some in class activities to support understanding. Encourage your student to share with you what they are working on in class. Science will be focusing on reading informational text. I am finding that many students struggle with drawing meaning from text, therefore, we will complete some activities focused on our weather unit (climate is the theme for the week) and at the same time allowing students some opportunity to analyze, interpret, read for comprehension and use critical thinking. One of the articles we will be evaluating is titled "The Human Impact on Climate" by Karl, T. & Trenberth, K. It was recently published in the Scientific America Magazine, 9/00 and is an excellent article. Students will develop a graphic organizer to assist their interpretation of this article. They will also watch a video on climate, read a story in the text book and write a science fiction or folk tale reflecting their understanding of the concepts presented on climate. Labs are always done on Tuesday in room 110. All students in my class have signed the premision form and taken the safety test for participation in labs. If your student is absent for a lab, there will be make up opportunities every three weeks (within the three week grading period). I may allow some labs to be completed at home, depending on the technical level. The computer class has completed a letter writing activity in word using the block letter model. Students were to demonstrate their ability to enter the word program, produce a letter meeting specific criteria (given to them on a check list) and print a copy. The letter was sent to Mrs. Glahn who came as a visitor to our class. Mrs. Glahn is a meteorologist who graciously shares her time in local schools helping students develop a love of meteorology. The second computer class requirement was to create a sign for use at home including clip art and a variety of fonts and sizes of lettering. Students were to print a copy and save to their personal file. This week we will be entering this web site to explore! Quia has some wonderful activities and I am looking forward to having students contribute some of their own making to the menu. There are also some wonderful math and science links that will become important resources in the future. Until next week, Grades will be reported in these areas: Science, Math & Technology. Grades in each of these areas will be based on grade-level standards as demonstrated through tests, quizzes, projects, labs and class activities. Attendance and participation in class work is critical to success. Letter grades will be awarded in each area according to percentage of points listed below: A 100-94% A- 93-90% B 89-84% B- 83-80% C 79-74% C- 73-70% Anything below 69 is not passing. Work missed due to unexcused absences may not be made up. Certain behaviors may result in immediate discipline procedures. Horseplay (pushing, running, touching, teasing) and off-task behavior during lab will result in forfeiture of lab privileges for one lab. Students will lose credit and will work in class detention. District and School policies are the foundation of class rules. 1. Be prepared every day for learning. This includes being on time and prepared for class with necessary materials and homework completed. 2. Respect everyone and everything in this class. This includes people, books, equipment and furniture. 3. Be a responsible learner. Help yourself and others to learn. Your behavior should help not just you, but others in the class achieve their goals. If you wish to contact me about your child's progress, don't hesitate to call me at Saghalie 253-945-5034. During class my voice mail will take your messages and I will return them as soon as possible. If you wish to contact me via e-mail, my e-mail address is teallen@fwsd.wednet.edu. This site will be updated weekly with class assignments and projects listed. I hope that it will help my students achieve their learning goals and parents to have another mode of communication with their children. Until next week, may all your math be excellent! Mrs. Allen
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