tannerenglish Mrs. Tanner
Memorial Preparatory Middle School English teacher
Welcome to English with Mrs. Tanner. 
Grammar doesn't have to be dull and boring all the time. You will have the opportunity to have fun doing the grammar activities I have created for you.  These activities will reinforce what we've been learning in class. Writing is just around the corner, so we all have to be prepared.  Practice the activities I've provided, and you'll improve your writing skills without realizing it.
Anytime you get online and complete an activity(ies) in TannerEnglish, have your parents write a note or write it in your assignment book and bring it to school the next day and show me. I'll reward you with 5 tickets for each activity completed. Get your parents involved in your education. 
Have Fun!
My Quia activities and quizzes
On Target with prepositions
Completing sentences
Prepositions Amid letters
Reinforcing memorization
Subordinate Conjunctions
Which conjunction could it be?
Don't get hung up on conjunctions and prepositions
Useful links
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