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Bienvenidos a las paginas de la señora Morcos. Profesora de Español K to 5 at Sacred Heart.

To: All students at Sacred Heart
From: Señora Morcos

This week's assignment is due on April 9,2001.

Third Grade: Page 80 in workbook. Please answer correctly the five question.

Fourth Grade: Page 93 in workbook. Answer all the questions please.

Fifth Grade: 5P  and 5D
Students need to study action words and their endings. They have a test on Monday.

This week's assignment is due on Monday April 23,2001.

K to 5 Grades will be learning the meaning of "Cinco de Mayo" in the coming weeks. We will be having a big celebration on Wednesday, May 2nd with a Mexican Lunch for grades 4 and the two 5th grades. This anouncement will be the last one for this school year. Thank you very much to all the room mothers for all the help.

Señora Morcos.
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