teachersrstupid Mini Me
Susquehanna Township H.S Chopstyx tha teacher slayer
Y do teachers think they are the best teachers in tha wurld and when u fail their class they blame it on you instead of them? If yur failing their class its cuz they aint good teachers and you dont understand tha materials or they give you 2 much homework and you dont understand tha homework so you dont do it. Y do teachers always try 2 turn yur wurds around into something that makes you sound bad. Like i got an early dismmal     they change it in to oh....... u skipped my class.  And principles never no yur name and when they ask you 2 spell it so they can write u a pass they get it wrong anywayz. And guidance counselors dont want to help. they r just nozy and always up in yur bizness. but u go 2 em n e wyaz to get out of a class you dont like becuz of the teacher who doesnt teach good.
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