Technology in Education Course Information

OBJECTIVES:This course will enable teachers to know why and when to use technology in education, and to identify appropriate technologies to support learning. It will also provide technical skills tailored to your individual needs as a paraeducator. Technical objectives of the course will be determined during lesson one, based on your abilities, needs and interests.
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Lesson One: Foundations in Educational Technology
Lesson Two: Film and Video in Education
Lesson Three: MS Word for Educators
Lesson Four: MS Excel for Educators
Lesson Five: Information Literacy Skills for Educators
Lesson Six: Audio in Learning
Lesson Seven: Images in Learning
Lesson Eight: MS PowerPoint for Educators
Lesson Nine: Technology for Job Success
Lesson Ten: WWW for Educators

Feb 27-Mar 3, 2006 - Click to view activities

March 6-10, 2006 - Click to view activities
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