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Team Announcements:
     Supply Check:  The second semester continures!  
      Is it time to restock some of your school
      supplies?  Do you have enough paper, pens, pencils,
      and checking pens?  Are there any other supplies that
      need to be restocked?  Please make sure you have all
      your supplies everyday!

     Zero Checklist:  Having no missing papers or
      zeroes in the gradebook is an important part of being
      successful in school.  Continuing this six weeks, we
      will be rewarding those of you who have no zeroes for
      the six weeks.  At the end of the six weeks, you will
      be given a "Zero Checklist" to take around to each of
      your classes.  Those who have no zeroes in any of
      their classes will receive a special reward.  Ask a
      Team J teacher for more details.  Keep working hard! 

Class Announcements:

This six weeks the students are studying nouns and pronouns.  Both units can be found in their English book.  Each student also has a set of notes pertaining to the topic of study.

***Check for interesting English games. (Click on "Quia! Home Page" on the bottom of this screen)

In 6th grade Academics, we will only be doing part of Chapter 7 at this time. We will come back and do the rest of Chapter 7 after the middle of April. The next chapter we will be looking at is Chapter 8, which is on Ratio's and Percents. These are tenative dates, but it looks like we will take the Midchapter Test for Chapter 8 on Feb. 4 and the Test on all of Chapter 8 sometime next six weeks.  The kids should have homework almost every night, and don't forget about the notebook check the last week of the six week.  Please make sure your child keeps all his or her papers in the appropriate section.

In 6th grade PreAp we will be taking a Midchapter test on Chapter 7 on the 26th of Jan.  The Chapter 7 test will be on Feb. 4. In Chapter 7, we are learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions, and how to use fractions in English measurements and geometry.  The last week of the six weeks we will begin Chapter 8, which is on Proportional Reasoning, and will be taking our notebook check. Please make sure that your child keeps all his or her papers in the appropriate section.

Thanks for all the continued support- it is really appreciated.

In Science, we are studying Earth science.  We are looking at the layers of the Earth, plate tectonics, Pangaea, and the formation of volcanoes and earthquakes.  Hey guys, want to go back to the amusement park?  Check out web link 8 at the bottom of the page.  Links 9, 10, and 11 are great Earth Science links as well.  Check them out!

Social Studies- 
In Social Studies, we are finishing up our look at Asia. Our test will be Wednesday, March 15.  When we return from Spring Break we will be studying Africa. Watch the news to find out what's currently going on in Africa.

Check out the Hunger Site link at the bottom of the page.  Simply by clicking the "Donate Food" button at the bottom of the site's page you can donate food to someone in need.  This costs you nothing and is paid for by sponsers.  Visit the site once a day and make a difference!

In Reading, we are continuing our novel studies.  Pre-AP is reading Zlata's Diary and Academic is reading The Cay.  Keep working hard!
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