teamteaching Miss Kaciubij & Mrs Sturgeon
Hillcrest Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher; Learning Support Teacher
New Teacher Induction Project:

Project objective: To promote literacy skill development through Reading and Writing. 

Plan of Activities:
I. Introduction to the classes; Getting to know new friends activity
II. Tri-fold Retelling:
A. Pre-Test/Introduction to Tri-fold Retelling
B. Guest Readers: Mr. Lynn, Principal; Dana and Rita from Norwin Public Library;
C. Work on Tri-fold retelling skills, by the use of cards and beach ball activities
D. Mrs. Sturgeon's students read to Kindergarten, they then complete a tri-fold retell on large white poster board working cooperatively
III. Steps in the Writing Process:
A. Introduce/Discuss the five steps
B. Talk about Sequels and expectations for their stories
C. Go through each step: Braindrain, Sloppy Copy, Wise Revise, Goof Proof, and  final copy in groups on their extension story
D. Type in the computer lab with parents help
E. Illustrate/Title the story
IV. Story Elements:
A. Guest Readers: Dr. Boylan and Dr. Franicola
B. Introduce story elements and story web; each group will make a story web on large white poster board
C. Make character puppets for their story with the parents
D. Make a story map of their story, using large white poster board
E. Practice lines for our play on the stage and in our classroom
F. Puppet show for the parents and other guests
G. Watch the video of our play

Goals for the new teachers:
1. To improve teaching performance
2. To increase retention of promising teachers
3. To promote the personal and professional well-being of new employees
4. To transmit the culture of the school system and profession to new employees

Goals for our students:
1.  To be able to tri-fold retell a story successfully.
2.  To be able to identify and work through the five steps of the writing process.
3.  To be able to identify the five story elements and create a story web using these elements.

Assessment Techniques:  A Rubric/Checklist along with a Performance Assessment
1. Story Element Checklist
2. Tri-fold Retelling Rubric
3. Writing Process Checklist
4. Teacher Observations/Oral Reponses

People Involved:
1. Parents
2. Teachers
3. Colleagues
4. Guest Readers, including speakers from the Norwin Public Library and Norwin Administrators
5. Students-Kindergarten & Learning Support

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