teamzreading Mrs. Madden
Katy Junior High 6th grade Team-Z Reading 6 Teacher
Welcome to Mrs. Madden's quia connection!  Reading class
is a blast at Katy Junior High!

Reading Pre-AP Periods 1 & 6

Points to Ponder ?????
How many AR points have you earned this six-weeks?

Students are currently participating in a novel study using
James Ramsey's "Banner in the Sky." Students are exploring
story elements such as plot, internal and external conflict, and characterization. Students are responsible for learning
new vocabulary and  will use reading comprehension skills to
answer both literal and higher level questions related to the text.

Reading Academic Periods 2, 5, and 8.

Reading at home is required for all students!  If you do not have written reading homework, read your AR book at least twenty minutes!
Please earn ten points before the end of the six weeks! Most student have successfully completed a first draft of a compare-contrast writing sample.
We have begun reading the exciting novel "Pinballs"!
Students anticipate each day what will happen in the chapters to come!
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