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Greater Latrobe Jr. High School Enhanced Tech 7 / Computer Education
Welcome to ENHANCED Tech 7!!

This week's schedule:

** You will need your computer for the following days --- ALL WEEK --- MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY & FRIDAY --- this week.

Make sure you have it for class and that there is enough charge for the entire class period..

Please charge it EVERY night for at least 8 hours!

If there is something wrong with your computer, please take it to the NETSCHOOLS as soon as possible.

Remember: you can go during Resource period, 4th period, your lunch time and 9th period.

You will need to have a repair tag from the NetSchools room so I can send you to the library to use the computers there. Mrs. Bush DOES check for the tags!!

If you do not have a repair tag, I WILL NOT send you to the library. Therefore, you will receive a ZERO on whatever assignment we are working on for that day.

Also, if you forget your computer at home, you will receive a ZERO for that day's assignment.


Monday, January 28, 2002

We will begin discussing SEARCHES using Netscape today.

We will also try Yahooligans as a SUBJECT DIRECTORY.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002:

We will continue discussing SEARCHES today.

Wednesday, January 30, 2002:

You will try doing a Search of your own today using FACTS FROM THE INTERNET I handout.

You will choose a topic to search, find a website related to the topic, go to the website & write 4 facts from the website that you learned about your topic.

This handout is worth 5 POINTS & is due at the END OF CLASS TODAY!!

Thursday, January 31, 2002:

You will complete another search handout today --- (FACTS FROM THE INTERNET II.

You will choose a topic, record the search engine that you used & the numbers of hits received. Then you can choose another search engine or keep the same one as the first search -- your KEYWORDS MUST CHANGE. Then record the number of hits received. Follow these steps for the last search on your topic.

The keywords MUST CHANGE with each search.

Your goal is to try to get the number of hits to decrease -- this may not happen though depending on the keywords that you use.

This handout will be worth 10 POINTS & is due at the END OF CLASS TODAY!!

Friday, February 1, 2002:

Today, you will complete the HOW WIDE IS THE WEB handout.

You will choose a topic to search, record it on the handout. You will also record the KEYWORDS and SEARCH ENGINE that you used.

Once you complete your search, you will record the WEBSITE (the EXACT URL) that you have found which is related to your search, it's TITLE, an author or publisher of the page (WHO put the page on the Web) & DESCRIBE what is found on the site -- WHAT is it used for or WHY the site is there.

This handout is worth 15 POINTS & is due at the END OF CLASS TODAY!! 
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