techedcrow Coach Crow
Cinco Ranch High School Technology Education/Head Boys Soccer
Welcome to Technology Education with Coach Crow

Computer Applications
The students are currently working on 2D design drawings.  At present we are doing second year cad drawings to challenge the students to use different techniques to construct the drawing in the fastest and most accurate way.

Architectural Graphics
The students are working with Architectural Desktop and will be laying out a floor plan design with the following features:  floor plan, foundation plan, electrical plan, and
a plot plan.

Communication Graphics
The students are currently experiencing the setup and developing of black and white negatives and prints.  The students will be taking pictures on the following assignments this six weeks:  transportation, architecture, thankgiving, new trends and action shots.

Boys Soccer
Important dates:
November  3  Boys Soccer Meeting
November  7  Boys Soccer Parent Meeting
November  27 - December 1   Soccer Tryouts
December  4  Team Selections
December  7  Pot Luck Dinner for Boys Soccer Travel Teams
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