techknowhow Mr. Wheeler
Blacksburg Technology 2000
Welcome to another online adventure. I am currently branching out to experiment with other educational sites that could enhance our learning. I will be updating our assignments and projects. Included with these will be other technology features that will prepare us to use all the resources we have available in education.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Brain Blaster
Test your mental diversity
Introduction to Computer Technology
Introduction to Computer Technology Quiz
The History and Operation of the Computer
The History of the Computer Quiz
Disks, drives, storage and the rest of the family.
Disk, drives, and storage
Activity for Challenge 3
Disk, drives, and storage: Jumbled Words
Challenge 3
Disk, drives, and storage quiz
Internet Terms
Internet Terms Gamer
Introduction to the Internet
Internet Quiz
Activity for Challenge 3
Introduction to Technology
Operating System
Operating System Quiz
Useful links
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