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Rombout Middle School Mrs. A. LaSpada
The 7th grade final exam in Technology 7 will be given on Thursday, June 7th.  Here are some of the key concepts we have studied this year which will help you study for the exam.  Good luck and have fun studying!!
Mrs. L.

7th Grade Technology Final Exam:
Part 1:  5 multiple choice (2pts.ea.=10 pts.)
Part 2:  label closed-loop diagram (2pts.ea.=14 pts.)
Part 2:  continued - list 7 resources (2pts.ea.=14pts.)
Part 3:  Component matching (2pts.ea.=14pts.)
Part 4:  prob.solving in order (2pts.ea.=14pts.)
Part 5:  fill in the blank - three types of tech.
Part 5:  fill in the blank - (2 pts.ea.=20 pts.)
Part 6:  short answer: open vs. closed loop (2 pts.)
Part 6:  What is feedback? (2 pts.) four combinations of
          outputs (2 pts.) desribe types of tech (6 pts.)
My Quia activities and quizzes
Creating Our Own World
T-1 Getting to Know Technology
Seven Resources of Technology
T-2 Technological Resources
Seven Steps of Problem-Solving
T-3 Problem-Solving
Open-loop and Closed-loop Systems
T-4 Systems
Impacts and Outlooks of Technology
T-5 Impacts and Outlooks
Useful links
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