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One inevitable truth about school---there are a number of things that you just HAVE to memorize. No ifs, ands, or buts. Too bad if you know where to locate it on the Web in only two seconds flat. You still have to know it cold. It's also true that memorizing things can often be deadly boring, as well as difficult---especially if you have no one to study with, or if your usual study partner (Mom, Dad, a sibling, grandparent, or friend) is tied up doing something else (heaven forbid!). Software can help, but sometimes: a) it takes forever to get to the part that you need; b) it covers things that aren't relevant; or c) you just HAVE to play too many games.

Enter Quia, an innovative site that makes use of new technology on the web to not only distribute alraedy-created activities and study aids (from teachers and students from around the world), but also allow students to make up their own quizzes and games to help them learn and retain new ma6erial. The site is organized into different curricular categories---biology, chemistry, languages, math, and so on. Within each category there's a list of activities for studying, memorizing, and retaining certain common material, such as multiplication tables, common chemical elements, cell terminology, the 50 states, basic vocabulary in Spanish, French and German and much more. Most of these activities are old stand-bys---flashcards, memory and Concentration games, word search puzzles, hagman, quizzes, and the like---but they're ALREADY MADE. Kids don't have to find, make, cut, paste, staple, generate, or otherwise construct these materials. They're right here and ready to go. In other words---no excuses!

Can't find what you need? Do the activities cover something different than what you have to know? Then take time to fill out the registration form and create your own interesting activities using the templates and share them online. This is the best part of Quia. Because kids can make their own games, they aren't stuck studying material that just happens to be part of some software. The material is theirs alone. And everybody knows that one of the best ways to learn something is to teach it to somebody else. Make up your own study games, and you're teaching yourself as well.

Teachers:  You can make your own web page and post homework assignments, favorite or useful URLs, class schedule, etc. Quick and easy to manage, too.

Quia provides an open database of activities, so the potential for this site to grow is enormous. The site does require a relatively up-to-date web browser because it uses Javascript to create the responsive games that reside on the site. These capabilities are also required for creating your own Quia activities.

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