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Part I. Creating PowerPoint Slideshows

A. To start, first create a temporary folder on the desktop of your local computer and name it WKSHP .

B. Download the following files to the folder you've just created. You are going to use them for your hands-on exercises.

a. zip_images ; b. zip_audio ; c. zip_video ; d. Flash movie (Optional)

e. 包饺子(Flash slideshow)


More Video Clips

If you are interested in using video clips for teaching, you may try the following link to access my Online Lab .

There are two index pages for video clips: Units 1-3, and Units 4-6.

I hope you find them useful. Here is the link:


Part II. Creating Online Activities with Quia: Click the links below to try the sample activities. (You don't need to download these.)

My Quia activities and quizzes
Unit 4: Sentences with 了, 得, 就 , 在 etc.
Grammar Review on RVs
Units 3-6: Measure Words
U3: Locative Expressions (看图填空)
U3: Locative Expressions (看图填空) - (Listening-Speaking)
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