tedcae4thgradeweek14 Ms. Akbaba
TED Ýstanbul Koleji Vakfý Özel Ýlköðretim Okulu Computer Aided English Instructor
Welcome to the 4th graders' Computer Aided English Lesson's Class page.

This week there is a new game to test your general knowledge of the natural features, means of communication and buildings of the city and the country we live in.

And then there are two pop-ups to practice words from the Story Dr. Dread and to practice adjective or adverb choice in a sentence.

You can have more practice with adverbs if you click on the link.
My Quia activities and quizzes
What Do You Know About Your Country?
Test your knowledge of Ýstanbul and Turkey.
DR. DREAD Opposites
Test yourself on the words from the story; DR Dread.
Adjectives and Adverbs
Choose between adjectives and adverbs.
Useful links
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