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Our topic for this session is "COMPUTERS".
- We are going to review the parts of a computer and their main functions.
- Also, we are going to study the history of Computers. Main facts and characters.
- Lately, we are going to have an activity to check your listening comprehension. The material for this purpose will include a piece of a news report about computers. That means we are going to watch a video and have some practice after that.

LET's check our AGENDA for this week (Previous work for the final exam).

MONDAY / MAY 22, 2000

8 - 10:00 A.M.
1. Contact this page.
2. Follow the instructions to link to other important sites containing information required to take the final exam. Take notes if necessary or just contact the site as many times as necessary.
3. Do the suggested activities in order to acquire some terminology used when dealing with computers.
4. In your own words, write a 2-page essay about this topic. This essay is going to be part of the final exam. Another part is going to be the oral practice about the  information you will get in this session.

10:00 - 11:30 A.M.
ROOM: BL. H. 102
TOPIC: Video Practice. "Computers and Consumers: User-Friendly or User-Surly?"

1. Bring the document to complete the missing words or expressions in practice "WHILE YOU WATCH".
2. All exercises are going to be developed in class. So please don't forget the material.
3. Answer the questions that appear on page 110 about the reading "White-Collar Computers". They can be part of the final interview.
4. Try the WRITING activity proposed on page 110. Choose one of the two situations and do the exercise.

REMEMBER! this is our last class.
FINAL EXAM will be on May 29 - 30 according to your own schedule.
The test will include:
- A written part (Essay* (10%)+ a questionnaire (10%)

- An interview* about this topic.(10%)
* The essay and the oral exam can be done in pairs of students.

That's all by now! If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me. I'll be glad when solving your doubts.
Please keep working and do a good job!
Be prepared, good luck!
See you next week!

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