terrybagwell Terry Bagwell
Great Mills High School Sophmore, Francais III
   There is a time in every person's life that you must venture into the new and unforseen land, well...you've found it in the Realm that is Schrader. Just remember these few, but very important rules and you'll survive and possibly have a little fun:

1) Don't ever say "home****", use an alternative such as "homestuff". This is because these wonderful educational assignments are not work, but rather enjoyable lessons that further what we learned in class. Since these aren't work, you should have no problem completing them whenever assigned, as that is a must to succeed, not only in Ms. Schrader's class, but in your entire French career.

2)There is only two rules, but this is by-far the most important one. Schrader is always right, no ifs, ands, or buts. Once you step through that doorway, you're in her house; she owns you.

Just remember those two things.

   Oh yea, getting back to what I set out to do, make a webpage, mine will be focusing mostly on culture. This info will provide you with great knowledge that can be used in French class assignments(hint hint) or just as a tool to further your chances of winning some "francs" in class.

   The topic for this session is French Architecture.

   French people, as well as the rest of the world, have undergone many changes in their culture. Changes can be caused by war, an influx in a certain ethnic group, or just that their tastes' for certain items changed.

   Architecture in France has held true to these beliefs. Starting as early as the Medevil times, France has paved the way for many new styles of architecture. Did you know that the Gothic style originated in France? Well it did. Those lavish chateaux that you see lining the French rivers like the Seine and the Lyon, well they were constructed with Italian influence during the Renaissance. After the classical restraint was placed on the Baroque style, Neoclassism was extremely popular until 1840, when Gothic stylings became cool again.

Continue learning and check back for more updates.
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