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This research and assignment is to be done in class.  It is due on Monday August 21.
The research part is to be presented on A4 paper or emailed to me using the email icon on the activity page.  The assignment is to be done on A4 paper, on a poster, as a presentation in class or alternatively you can email it to me. If you wish to present it another way please talk to me while we are doing the research.

The Research:
Using the web site links listed below and the resources in the library you are to investigate and answer the following.  All answers are to be complete sentences.  The examples can be hand drawn or computer generated.

Question 1:
What is a polygon?
You are to give 3 examples of types of polygons including definitions and diagrams.

Question 2:
What are transformations?
You are to name the 3 main types of transformations, give a definition and an example of each type.

Question 3:
What is congruency?
You are to give a definition and some examples.

The purpose of this assignment is to investigate different geometrical properties.  Using the information you found in your research you are to complete the following.  (All sections must be completed).

Using the links given below, or library resources you are to answer the following:

What is a tessellation?
What shapes can tessellate?
Why are these shapes able to tessellate?
Give 3 examples of tessellations.

One of the most famous artists to use optical illusions and tessellations was M.C. Escher.  You are to investigate his life and works.
You need to discover who he was, when and where he lived.  Give 2 examples of his work and say why you like them.

You are to create 2 of your own tessellations.
Tessellation 1: Using the Paint program and the instructions given at http://www.wsd1.org/lgc98/teach/Paint/makefish.html
Tessellation 2: Can be by either using the above method, on paper or by another tessellating program you have been shown.
Both need to show what the shape started as and the steps you took to modify it (if you did).
They should both be decorated to show what you think the shape has become and given an appropriate name.
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