texas Mrs. Foughty
E.H. Slaughter Elementary Media Specialist
Welcome to our WebQuest about Texas!  Our mission is to teach persuade Mrs. Foughty's parents, who live in Iowa, to move to Texas. Why do you think that they should move to Texas?  Is it the warm weather?  What about the sense of pride that Texans feel for their state?  Can you proove that Texas is a lot more fun than Iowa?  Go to each of the sites listed below and gather important data and information so that you can send an e-mail to Mrs. Foughty's parents and explain why you think that they should make the move to The  Lone Star State! 
*Your letter must be sent via e-mail
*The letter must be persuasive and have atl-east 3 paragraphs.
*HINT- Mrs. Foughty's parents like to study different kinds of birds and wildflowers.
*No put-downs may be given to the state of Iowa.
*The letter must include 5 or more facts about the state of Texas.

To help you plan your e-mail to Mrs. Foughty's parents you and your partner will create a VENN DIAGRAM, in Kid Pix, comparing Iowa to Texas.  This diagram will show both similarities and differences between the two states.
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