texashistory7th Mrs. Bogema
Danbury Middle School 7th grade Danbury Texas History Teacher
Welcome 7th grade Texas History students.  

Today we will use the Internet to increase our understanding of the Native Americans that lived in Texas at the time the first European explorers came here.

I have a quiz for you to take after you have explored the information from the "Articles on Tribes" section of the web site "texasindians.com"  If you want to look at the quiz first, then go to http://www.quia.com/t/102934.html so you will know some of the information to look for.

You should begin with "start here for kids" (duh) then read about several of the tribes mentioned in Chapter 5.  Click on "Articles on Tribes" then choose in any order you want. If you have time, you may also look at the information on other tribes that came to Texas later.

There are some games you can play to review the information from both your text and the internet sources.  Try your luck on these to see how you're doing.

When you get ready to take the quiz for my record, you need to log on the the quiz session designated below.  Each of you should plan to take the quiz by the end of our session next Tuesday.  Enjoy!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Indians of Texas
Check what you've learned about Indians in Texas from the texasindians website
The First Texans
Use a favorite game format to identify Texas Indian groups
Indians of Texas: session indians of texas
log in to take the quiz for Ms Bogema's record
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