texhist1 Mr. Shaw
Dowell Middle School Social Studies Dept. Chair
Greetings All!
Happy 2000!  I'm glad you are all back in school!
This nine weeks we will be covering the Mexican American War, Slavery, the Civil War, Reconstruction, Modern Government, and the Cowboys {no, not Troy and da 'boys}!
I mean the real Cowboys and the Longhorns! Beware, trail dust could get us all.
Coming Soon!
Mexican American Mini-test! (Scheduled for Jan. 14 and 18)  We will review in class before the exam.  Be ready to write about Manifest Destiny, and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo!
Next, we go straight into Slavery and the Civil War. I will assign a Slavery collage and we will have a major test over the entire unit. (Scheduled for February 8 and 9)
Next, Reconstruction and Modern Government.  Academic Texas History will have a traditional unit while, Pre-AP will have a debate unit. {More info on the debates later.}
We will end the quarter with the Cowboys.  Students will work in groups to create a Cowboy with an oral report before the class.
As you can see we will be busy this quarter in Texas History!  
The Summative Project will be done at school during the slavery unit and will go along with Language Arts.
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