texhist2 Ms. Pullig
Dowell MS  
Greetings and Salutations!!!!

Well, we are about to have a small break from each other and you know you are all going to miss me!!!!  However, back to business....  you have several major events coming your way.  I know you guys will do your best because you are my best students.   First of all, we have to turn in our Newspaper Article over the Alamo in and it is a MAJOR grade!!!  Don't put this off because I will start to deduct points.  The due dates of this is November 22 and 23. Secondly, we have a test over Chapter 11 "The Road to the Revolution" and Chapter 12 "The Texas Revolution" - "Remember the Alamo"  "Remember Goliad".  The test is December 1 and 2 and if you have your Study Guide completed for both chapters then bank on a +10 points on your test.  After these battles we will become a country "The Republic of Texas".  Isn't that neat?!!!  LASTLY, STUDY! STUDY! STUDY! Remember the dreadful, horrible, nasty midterm exam is coming your way.  This THING is December 16th and 17th.  Do you remember where  Abilene and Amarillo are?  How about the Brazos and Colorado River? The Trinity? The Costal Plains?  The Great Plains? Guess what?  All of these will be on your test along with other rivers, lakes, cities, regions, and other information we have learned up to this point.

Have a wonderful and great HOLIDAY and NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!
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