thanksgivingparty Miss Ryder
Thanksgiving Party  

Dear Parents,

         On Friday, November 19, the class will have a Thanksgiving party.  Each parent will be required to bring something for the party.  I will include a list of thngs that are needed.  Please tell me what you can bring to the party. You can call my house to let me know what you can bring  (768-9548)  Also, I need some parentrs to help me with the party.  If you can help me with the party, please let me know.  Thank you all for your help and support!

Miss Ryder

What is needed for party:

* Little sandwhiches
* Chips/ dip
* Soft dinks
* candy
* Finger food dishes (e.g. different cheeses)
* Napkins
* cups
* ice
* plates
* Party favors
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