thankyou Robyn Ford
W.G. Sanders Middle School  
Thank You so very much for donating money to help me go on the African Exchange trip. Here are several of my daily journal entries: June 12,2000 - Today I visited a school. The schools looked very different. There was no air condition,. It is through the same grade level as American Schools. The kids here start learning at a very young age. At the age three the know English,French,and computer skills. We gave three kids our adress,then other kids came up to us so we gave them our adress also. After this we went to a beautiful park on a mountain. We saw beautiful plants. My favorite was a plant that when you touch it, it closes and dies. The parks in Africa make the parks here look bad. We then went to the University of Ghana at Legon. It was beautiful. It was better than colleges in Columbia,The United States. Also on commercials in Columbia you see the children of Africa poor and hungry. That is not true. These people always smile,it was contagious.
June 13,2000-Today was a very exciting day. We left our beautiful hotel,sadly,La-Palm Royal Beach Hotel. But we are going back. We went to the Kente Cloth Factory. It is really amazing how they make it. It it like a sewing machine but it is wooden. And it looks nothing like a sewing machine. The people won't stop asking you to come to their shop. If you say you are going you have to keep your promise or they will get mad at you. We also went to a Wood Factory. It is really amazing how they make the carvings. We left and went to our hotel "The Royal Basin". This ends my day.
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