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Dillard Drive Middle School Dolphins Team: English
Note from Mr. T, 3/17
Alright, chicas -- we're in the home stretch now!  This is our final weekend before the county competition.  I will try to reach each of you by phone this weekend; feel free to contact each other as well to review or double-check this message.  You can call me if you need to; my home number is 467-2353.

Books to Review:
I have chosen a few books for each of you to review before the big game.  These are books you have read before, but take your time and reread them carefully.  Most are the answers to those questions we keep missing (hint, hint).  Go to the library if you can; if not, review what you have at home and get the others from school.

Chica: You have the most books, but I know you can handle them.  Please review: Something Upstairs, The Gift Giver, A Wrinkle in Time, Hatchet, and The Egypt Game.  Have you finished A Summer to Die?

Shrimp:  Please review: The Wish Giver, Zlata's Diary, Julie of the Wolves, and Night of the Twisters.  I know you have a couple of these already.

Ally (We've got to find a better nickname than Cheetah): I don't think there's time to finish Mossflower; if you cannot get any other books until Monday, feel free to continue, but we may just have to go with what you already know of it.  Please review: Ella Enchanted, A Family Apart, and The Cay.

Muscle Girl: Good job on the Casa Rosada question last week; we've got to get the other girls to believe you.  Please review: The Midwife's Apprentice, Shiloh, and the Egypt Game.  If you have time, The Door in the Wall wouldn't be a bad choice either.

Val Gal: I know you're finishing Night of the Twisters.  On top, please review: Dominic and Crazy Lady.  

Invitations: Please bring any addresses you need for invitations to school on Monday.  I hope that the actual cards will be there then.

T-Shirts: The machine that Mr. Architetto has for printing shirts and things does not work (apparently).  Mrs. Zelek, one of the school librarians, has offered her color printer if we design something on a computer and provide the printable iron-on transfers.  My wife (she is an artist) and I will work on a design; I encourage you to think of your own ideas as well.  I'm leaning towards just buying the shirts myself so they'll all look the same, and then just having you pay me back.  Any suggestions on this? -- I'm open.

Getting There: If possible, I'd like everyone at Dillard by 7:30 on Thursday.  I don't have this year's booklet, but last year the competitions started at 8:30 (we don't know yet when our first battle will be, but it could be the first one).  Southeast High School is not terrible close to Dillard, so we have to allow some time to get there.  I'm still looking into this, but for some inexplicable reason, I am allowed to ferry your bags, lunch, etc. to the competition, but I'm not allowed to drive you there.  Does anybody have a vehicle big enough and a parent free to drive?  If there isn't one vehicle, we can split up.  Don't forget to bring a good lunch and a drink -- snacks are always good too.  As tempting as it may be, don't bring too many sugary treats; they'll just make you hyper, which can effect your thinking during a battle!  We will have time during the day to do the school work that you are missing, but there will be plenty of time to play games too, if anyone has some good ones.  

Getting Home: We will not have any idea of when we can return until the time comes; it can't take too long for us to beat everybody else, but there are a lot of teams for us to crush before we can leave victorious.  In the past, there has been a parent or two that can meet us at Southeast and bring everyone back to Dillard, then everyone called home for a ride, or carpooled.  I believe the latest all of this will be is sometime during the 3:00 hour.  It may take some work, but I think I can fit the trophy in my car, or we may have to lash it to the roof.
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