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During the next week we will be working with the story "The Birds".  During this time you can come to this site to practice your vocab or to take a look at the lesson plans.  


-Mr. Myers


Discussion over the beautiful and destructive properties of nature.  5 Min.

Read the short story.  35 Min.

We will be discusing the story periodically, looking at vocab, and foreshadowing.


Review reading from the day before.  3-5 Min.

Continue reading "The Birds".  35 Min.

We will also continue talking about the story periodically.

You will be assigned pages to read if we do not finish the story today.


We will be doing a worksheet today.  

When we are done we will review vocabulary by playing games over the story.


We will be testing today.

After everyone is done we will watch the movie.  30 Min. at least.


We will continue the movie today.45


We will finish watching the movie.  30  Min.

We will discuss the differences between the movie and the story when we are finished.


Essays due.

You have a choice between two essays: the first is, what things in nature scare you and what would you do to fight it;  and second, what happened to Nat and his family after the story ends.
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