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Welcome, to my page. It's so good to have you looking at my web page. Now I'm going to tell you about the Internet.

The Internet
The Internet is fun to use. But if you have America Online it may kick you off the Internet. You can do a lot of stuff on the Internet like search the Internet, and explore the Internet. Now I'm going to tell you about Safety on the Internet.

Safety on the Internet
The first thing you want to know about Safety on the Internet is you never you never want to put your real name on the Internet because when you put your real name on the Internet someone could find your address. [This is true!!]  Now I will tell you about E-mailing People.

E-mailing People
When you send E-mail to a person that is called Composing Mail. The way you get to Compose Mail is you go to Mail and in To you type the address and in Subject you type your subject in the big space you type your E-mail but in CC if you want to send it to someone else at the same time you type the address in CC to mail the same thing to 2 people at the same time. ( This is if you AOL.) Now I will tell you how to get to a website.

Try doing my internet qiuz.

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The Internet
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