thejaguarscientists Mrs. Partyka
Fairview Veterans Memorial Middle School Jaguar Team Science Teacher
Last week we began to work on our Endangered Animals WebQuest.  Students will be addressing the environmental factors that contribute to the extinction of a particular animal species.  Students have been asked to recreate a habitat for their animal.  The habitat should be realistic and depict the surroundings of the animal that they are investigating. These habitats are due on November 2nd.   Once the initial research is complete, students will be creating power point presentations so that they may share their findings with their colleagues.  This is an excellent chance for students to engage in an authentic learning experience, which will encourage them to work together as a team.  The use of computer technology to discover information and present their findings to the rest of the class will enhance their learning experience.

Chapter two is a fun filled chapter about arthropods, insects, arachnids, and echinoderms.  To introduce this chapter we had a guest lecturer come in and talk about his hobby, bee keeping.  Mr. Moulton is an eight-grade teacher at Fairview and he was kind enough to take time from his busy schedule to come and share his wealth of information about bees and bee keeping. 

Our next test, on chapter two is tentatively scheduled for the end of the week of 11/5.  It is never too early to begin studying for a test!!

Happy Halloween and I hope everyone receives more treats that tricks!
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