St Peter's Eaton Square yr 5
Games that match what you have learnt so far will be added to your class page.  Check regularly for new games or explore games by category and just have a try.
My Quia activities and quizzes
1st Declension Pictionary Battleships
1st Declension Latin nouns (23 words)
1st Conjugation Verb Infinitives
1st Conjugation Infinitives Battleships
NUMBERS GAME: Ordered list
VERB GAME: Present tense endings
1st Declension nominative, accusative, singular and plural
Conversation quiz
Principal parts jumble
1st conjugation Infinitives verb hangman
1st declension noun hangman
Possessive s
1st declension nominative and accuastive millionaire challenge
1st declension nouns pictionary (NUMBER II)
1st conjugation verbs pictionary (NUMBER II)
Cases ordering game
Case definition and identification games
Direct and indirect objects
1B: Wordsearch/Match Up Games -2nd conj verbs - Pre Ac
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