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We will be learning about the calendar, winter animals and their habitats, and Martin Luther King Jr. this month. We also will be taking some time to learn about the presidential inauguration and President Elect Obama.

Please continue to work on retelling of stories. It is so important for the students to be able to recall the correct sequence and include details.

Click here to read our first story, Vic and Casey written by The Mighty M's. Ask us about the characters, setting, problem and solution, and the beginning, middle and end of the story.

In math we are exploring the numbers 1-100 by identifying them in isolation, counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's, and identifying the number that comes before and after a particular number.

RIVERDEEP is here! Riverdeep is accessible through the Bayview Elementary Media page, and I have included a link below. The Children have really enjoyed exploring the literacy and math activities on this site. Students may access the many activities available through the EXPLORE icon after signing in. The student's user-names and passwords are located in their Kinderkeepers. Look for labels on back of the folder that has the Bayview Boat and News from School. Please be sure to enable pop-ups for the graphics in this program to work.

Each student also has a user name and password for Accelerated Reader. Many books are available in the media center that are accelerated reader books. Student's are currently being trained by volunteers in how to access Accelerated Reader Quizzes in class. Unfortunately, students can not take these quizzes at home. However they can read the books. There is a "BookFinder" icon on the Media Web page to help you choose a book.The Media Center is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, and Wednesday afternoons for Accelerated Reader Quizzes.

Read-Across Broward Forms are available on the Bayview Media Page. Please be sure to download a K-2 form.

Please continue to work on star words. The students will be tested Tuesdays and Fridays. A special treat will go out when students reach list number 10, 20, 30 and 44. We have 10 student that have passed list 10 and several students have learned all the words and have received a Certificate of Completion Award! Great Job!

Click here to see a list of activities that can be fun to do at home to learn STAR WORDS!

A Big Thank You for those that have been sending in box-tops.
This is a year-long activity for all to participate. Keep it up!!!

Second Quarter Special Schedule
Wednesday-P.E.*Please were your gym shoes!

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Click here to view a movie we created to help us learn our letters and their sounds!!!!
CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED ABOUT SPIDERS. It may take a few minutes to appear, please be patient.

Below I have attached an activity that requires both YOU and your child. Have fun with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!
The Mighty M's have been working very hard on learning how to write their first and last names correctly. This includes using upper case letters for the first letter in their first and last name and lower case letters for the other letters. There is a sheet of paper in the Kinder Keeper to help the student's with their letter formation. Our friend Theo Bear has also been helping us with letter formation. He introduced us to the hat line, the belt line and the shoe line on special writing paper. Ask your Mighty M about Theo the Bear.Click here to download and print a page of Theo the Bear writing paper. Print the page and have your Mighty M practice writing their first and last names! Have your student hand it in for a special treat!

Learning colors is always so much fun. We have been singing colorful songs, reading colorful books and seeing colorful slide shows.
Click here view a movie about fruit and their colors.
In class we have been exploring different genres of literature, especially non-fiction and fantasy. We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin.
Click here to see a revised version of the story and read it at home with your Mighty M!
*Click here to see and listen to a message from Ms. M.
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