thepetalsofarose The Pedals of a Rose
Ash, Misty, and Tracey huddled around the small campfire. They were deep in the woods, and needed to stay there for the night. Pikachu sat in Ash's arms, trying to keep warm. It was cold. "I'm tired. I'm going to bed," said Ash as he crawled into his tent. Pikachu followed him inside. Misty yawned and also went into her tent. Tracey put out the fire and went to bed, also. Meanwhile...... "Jesse, it's cold!" complained James. "I can tell that, James!" yelled Jesse. They were in their hot air balloon. "Hey, look, dere dey are!" said Meowth, looking over the side of the balloon and pointing down to the group's campsite. "Perfect! We can finally get Pikachu!" sang Jesse. They quietly landed their balloon. Meowth snuck in Ash's tent and quietly stole the sleeping Pikachu. They were about to put it in a shock-proof cage, but Ash ran out of his tent and called out Bulbasaur. "Bulbasaur, Vine Whip!" Bulbasaur Vine Whipped Jesse and she crashed back into a rock and went unconsious. "Jesse!" cried James. He dropped Pikachu and ran over to Jesse. "Jesse? Wake up!" he yelled. She slowly opened her eyes and said, "That's it! We kill that kid now!" Jesse got up and marched over to Ash. "Listen, kid, you can electrocute us, blast us off, flame us, water gun us, crush us, but when I lose consiousness THAT'S WHEN YOU GET IT!" Ash laughed. "Yea, right, you wouldn't dare to hurt me." Jesse grabbed a mallet of of the balloon and whacked Ash on the head. She then grabbed James' arm and dragged him to the balloon. "Come on, James!" They all got in the balloon and took off. Misty crawled out of her tent. "What was that all about?" Ash rubbed his sore head and shrugged. In the balloon..... "James, you had Pikachu! Why did you drop it?! We could of had PIKACHU!" she screamed in his face. "I was afraid you were really hurt." "You shouldn't have worried! Great, now we lost Pikachu!" She slapped him in the face and went to the other side of the balloon, head hanging over the side. James rubbed his cheek. Meowth was staring on. "Why does she hate me? We've been friends for 10 years, since we were 7," James whispered to Meowth. "I don't know. Just because you were trying to help her?" said Meowth. Back at the campsite..... "Wow, Jesse sure knows how to slap someone," said Tracey. "I say her hand was going 3 miles per hour." The balloon had been low enough for the three to see what was going on. "I kinda feel sorry for James," said Ash. "I know what it feels like to get beat up by someone of the opposite gender." "What's that supposed to mean?!" screamed Misty, then hitting him on the head. "Hmm...I see what you mean." Tracey thought about what James had said. "Why does she hate me?" echoed through his mind. "Why does she hate him?" said Tracey out loud. "They've been friend for 10 years, since they were 7." "They're 17? I always thought they were my age!" Ash said stupidly. "Why would they call you twerp all the time? And how come they're so much taller than you?" Misty said. "Tall for their age?" Misty sighed and hit him on the head again. "Sometimes I wonder if anything is in there," Misty said, pointing inside his ear. "I wonder if this is the way of Jesse just showing feelings toward James....? Nah," said Tracey. Ash and Misty stared at him. "Do you mean....?" asked Ash. "I don't think it's true, though." "You know, I've seen them hug at least a gazillion times," said Ash. "Remember when we were on the S. S. Anne, Ash?" said Misty. "Yea, what about it?" "Don't you remember those two? Ash thought, and the memory raced back to his mind. "I can't cross that inferno!" said James. "Jesse, Meowth, you go ahead, I'll stay here!" "James, James, James, James, James!" said Jesse as she slapped him across the face several times. "You won't last a minute here." "Please don't abandon me, Jesse." "Don't worry, I won't leave you," said Jesse, hugging him. "Yea, I remember," said Ash. Another memory came to his mind. "Jessica?" "Yes, James?" "Whoever said beauty doesn't last, they must've meant us." "I'll always remember what a great dresser you were." "You, too." "James called Jesse Jessica." "That must've been serious, I've never heard him say that before," said Tracey. Back on the balloon.... Jesse wondered why she was so mad. She looked over at James, his back turned from her. "James....?" "What?" he said, still sad and angry. He still had his back turned. "Um...well...I'm sorry...I guess I just thought that we had Pikachu there for a second. I'm really sorry. I don't hate you, you're my best friend and partner!" James turned around. "Really?" "Of course!" "Oh, Jesse!" "Oh, James!" They hugged each other. James yawned and said, "I better get to bed. I'll see you in the moring, Jess." "Goodnight." Meowth was already curled up asleep. In the morning..... Ash, Misty, and Tracey had set out on their adventure again. They were walking down a small dirt trail, still in the forest. Suddenly, the area filled with smoke. "Fwahahahaha! Prepare for trouble!" "And make it double!" "To protect the world from devastation!" "To unite all peoples within our nation!" "To denouce the evils of truth and love!" "To extend our reach to the stars above!" Two figures stood before them in the smoke. "Jesse!" "James!" "Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!" "Surrender now or prepare to fight!" "Meowth, that's right!" The smoke cleared and Jesse, James, and Meowth stood before them. "It's Team Rocket!" Ash, Misty, and Tracey said together. "Really?" said Jesse. "Wow, you're good!" James said sarcastically. "Here we go again. They'll blast off again!" said Misty. James threw a net on the three, then the net latched to the ground. "Fwahahahaha!" Jesse and James said together. Jesse took out Pikachu (wearing rubber gloves) and put it in a shock-proof cage. They all then ran to their balloon and set sail over the ocean. "We got Pikachu! We got Pikachu!" Jesse and James yelled at Ash, Misty, and Tracey, while Meowth waved the cage containing Pikachu inside. "I can't believe we finally got Pikachu!" James said. "After a whole year!" exclaimed Jesse. And, of course, they had to hug again. Meowth teased Pikachu inside the cage. "Pikapi!" yelled Pikachu. Translation, "Ash, help!" Tracey took a pocketknife out of his pocket and cut open the net. "Pikachu!" Ash said as he ran out of it. "You can't get it now!" they yelled and they flew out of sight. "Pikachu...." said Ash. Back at the balloon.... Jesse and James were eating breakfast. Meowth teased Pikachu by pretending he would give it food, then putting it in his mouth. "We've never been victorious before, Jesse!" James said, mouth full of toast. Jesse was about to hit him on the head for saying Team Rocket were losers, but seeing the fight last night flashing through her mind, she decided not to. Jesse took out a box of donuts from under the small Japanese table. "Jesse, be careful, you know how James is around donuts!" said Meowth. James took out half the donuts in the box and set them on his plate. "Save some for the rest of us, Jimmy," said Meowth. James threw a donut at Meowth. "Don't call me Jimmy! I hate that name!" "Okie-dokie, Jimmy," Meowth said as he stuffed the thrown donut in his mouth. James got up, took his rose in hand, and put it in Meowth's mouth. "Ow, ow, ow! Thorns!" Meowth said, quickly taking the rose out of his mouth. Jesse laughed. "Its been a long time since we've been so happy," she thought. Back on the trail.... "Pika, pikachu pika pi!" Ash said. "Will you shut up? You're not getting Pikachu back. Quit talking in Pikachu language," Misty said, shaking her head. Professor Oak's lab was right ahead. They were there to drop off the GS Ball. Ash ran inside first. "Ah, hello, Ash," said Professor Oak. "Professor, Team Rocket has stolen my Pikachu!" Ash yelled. Professor Oak frowned. "I'm sorry, but there is nothing I could do now." "Please, Professor!" Ash cried (as in tears were in his eyes). Professor Oak sighed. "OK, I'll round up every Officer Jenny there is." "Thanks, Professor!" said Ash, totally forgetting about the GS Ball. Back on the balloon..... Team Rocket HeadQuarters was right ahead. They landed their balloon and went inside, carying the Pikachu cage. "Boss, we finally got the Pikachu!" said Jesse, holding it out. The boss frowned. "I have no use for it now. Cassidy and Butch have already given me plently of Pikachu. Now, go!" Jesse and James frowned and walked outside. They got back into their balloon and rode off. "This sucks. When risk our lives for a year getting this yellow rat, and what thanks do we get?" said James, looking over the edge of the balloon. Jesse walked over and stood beside him. "Don't worry, we'll get some Pokémon someday!" she said, trying to cheer him up. James smiled and nodded. "We better get this Pikachu back to the twerp, Pikachu will never obey us!" Jesse nodded. They flew down back to the area they were last seen, and landed. Ash, Mist, and Tracey were standing right there. "Give me Pikachu!" siad Ash. "Gladly," said James. He jumped out of the balloon and placed Pikachu's cage in his hands. They then flew off. Ash, Misty, and Tracey stared. "Why did they do that?" said Ash. He let Pikachu out of the cage. "I don't know," said Tracey, staring at the balloon. Back on the balloon.... "Well, we've spent some time together trying to get that Pikachu," said Jesse, looking over the side of the balloon. James sweatdropped when she said "together." "Yea...." He too was looking over the side. The moon had already rose, and Meowth was already asleep. "It's romantic. Too romantic," James thought. Jesse was thinking the same thing. James looked over at Jesse, who didn't notice him, but looking at the Vaporeon and Goldeen swimming in the ocean. He smiled at her. Back at the trail.... The group set up camp again. They were laying down on their sleeping bags outside, looking at the stars. Suddenly, Jesse and James' balloon floated past them. They could see Jesse and James standing beside each other looking over the side. "You know..." said Misty. The boys looked at her. "It's kinda romantic being in a balloon by themselves, floating over a calm ocean, stars shining and the moon bright," Misty said dreamily. Ash looked over her like she was crazy. "I don't like that *romantic* stuff. It's gross," said Ash childishly. "You're not in that stage yet. You're still in the 'I'm a big baby, I'm afraid of girls, I think they have cooties' stage. Ash crossed his arms. "Be quiet." "See? You're even afraid to say shut up." "Are not!" "Are to!" "Are not!" "Are to!" "Are not! "Are to!" Tracey laughed and shook his head. Back on the balloon..... Jesse was already asleep on a blanket in the floor. James watched her sleep. He couldn't stand it anymore, he had to tell her. He was too embarrassed to tell her, so instead he took a thornless rose and placed it on her pillow. He smiled, lay on a blanket, and fell asleep. The next morning..... Jesse woke up. She saw James still asleep across from her. She sat up and saw something under her pillow. She picked up the pillow and tossed it aside. There, she found a single rose, all throns cut off, its bloom bursting as bright as the sun. She carefully picked it up and stared at it. She then looked over to James. "He loves roses. Could it be....?" She put the rose on the table and got breakfast ready. She looked at James curled up on the blanket and smiled. "We've been through so much together....." Meowth got up and yawned. "Jesse, it's too early in the morning to hear that mushy stuff." Jesse threw the battery operated toaster at him and hit him sqaure in the face. "OK, OK, sorry." James then woke up. "Good morning, Jesse." Jesse smiled. "Good morning." "Why are you so happy this morning?" "Oh, nothing....." James shrugged and sat down at the table. Meowth jumped on James' head and whispered, "What a nice rose you gave Jesse." James sweatdropped and pulled Meowth off his head. Jesse's back was turned, making all the food, and James stared at the rose he had put on her pillow last night. Back at camp.... Everyone woke up and hit the trail. Tracey noticed Misty blushing. "Why are you blushing, Misty?" "I just had the most wonderful dream." "About what?" "I dreamed's stupid...nevermind." "No, no, go on." "I dreamed that Jesse and James really did like each other. I dreamed that Jesse was asleep, and James put a rose on her pillow," she said, still blushing. "You're gross, Misty," said Ash. "As Team Rocket would say, shut up you little twerp." Ash frowned and kept walking. "They don't like each other. Face the facts." "You face the facts." "What facts?" "The S. S. Anne, always hugging, when we where at James' mansion, being together for 10 years!" Misty yelled in his face. "What about your facts, Ash?" said Tracey. "Jesse always beating James up." "She hugs him more than she hurts him." "What about you two liking each other?" asked Tracey. Misty and Ash looked at each other, and turned their heads. "Now THAT'S gross," said Misty. Back on the balloon..... James stared at the rose on the table. He reached over to grab it, the same time as Jesse did. James accidently put his hand on hers. He blushed and quickly pulled away. "James, I found this rose under my pillow this morning. Where did it come from?" James pulled his neck collar, blushed, and said, "Me." He quickly put his hands out to block whatever she might throw at him. "You did? What for?" James sweatdropped. " see...." Suddenly the balloon hit the water. "Oh, no! It's broken!" said Jesse and she fiddled with the handle. The balloon started to sink. "We're out in the middle of the ocean!" said James. Meowth ran around screaming, "We're gonna die, we're gonna die, we're gonna die!" Back at the trail.... "Lapras, let's go!" said Ash. They set sail on the ocean. "Hey, what's that ahead?" said Misty, pointing. Tracey took out his binoculars. "It's Team Rocket! Something wrong!" "Lapras, full speed ahead!" said Ash. They reached the half-drowned balloon. "Team Rocket, get on!" said Ash. Jesse, James, and Meowth swam over to Lapras and got on. "Thanks," said James. "OK, James, you were saying....?" "I can't tell you with the twerps around." "Why not?" "Because it's a secret I've been hiding." The kids stared ahead at them.Jesse stopping picking at James. She watched the sunrise, the sky bursting with blue, orange, purple, and red. She sighed. "What's wrong, Jesse?" "Oh, nothing." She still had the rose he had secretly giving her in hand hand, and she was staring at its blood red leaves. James shrugged and turned back around. "Are we there yet?" "Almost," said Ash. "Where exactly are you twerps heading?" James questioned him. "We 'twerps' are heading toward Romance Island," said Misty. James sweatdropped. "And that is....?" "It's a very romantic island, a beautiful place, the sunrise looks beautiful there, as well as the sunset, and they stars glitter through the black sky at night, while the moon shimmers in the sky," said Misty. "You sure are a poet, Misty," said Tracey. "Isn't that sweet?" said Meowth, jumping on James' head. He sweatdropped once again and said nothing. "We're here!" said Ash, jumped off Lapras, then returning it after the other had gotten off. "Wow, it's beautiful!" Misty squealed. "Togebriii!" Togepi agreed. Jesse and James looked around. "Nice place. Where's a donut shop?" said James, hands on hips. "This is the wild, moron," said Ash. "Quit insulting James. Come on, let's find a place where we can get off of here," said Jesse, arms crossed and glaring at Ash. She then took James by the collar of his shirt and dragged him through the forest. "Wait!" said Ash, and jumped in front of her. "What do you want?" "We are lost too, you now. We'll work together," he said. Jesse and James looked at his, at first their faces straight, then they started laughing. "Work with the twerp?" giggled Jesse. "He must be crazy!" James laughed. Ash sighed and pushed them out of the forest. "Work together!" "We two will work together. You three twerps stay here." "Jesse, James, I think I'll stay here for a while," said Meowth. "Fine!" said Jesse. Jesse then tried to drag James into the forest again. They soon found their way out. And what stood before them was the most beautiful sight they had ever laid eyes on. Roses bloomed through the emerald green grass, and ocean aqua blue, the sky cloudless and and river bubbling. A rainbow hung in the sky while Pidgeys magestically flew across the sky. "This is beautiful!" exclaimed Jesse. She sat down on the grass, and smelled the large red roses. James watched her and smiled. He looked out towards the ocean, the water the same color as Jesse's eyes. Jesse looking down at the greenest grass she had ever seen, and noticed the emerald grass was the same color as James' eyes. She sighed as she thought about it, then snapped herself out of it. "Come on, James. We've got to find something," she said, pointing ahead. James nodded and followed her. "Oh, crap. Now she'll find out now that we're at Romance Island and I'll be humilated for the rest of my life!" James thought to himself. "Oh, crap. Now he'll find out now that we're at Romanca Island and I'll be humilated for the rest of my life!" Jesse thought to herself. Jesse stared at the red roses on the sides of the trail, then looked at the now-crumpled rose James had given her. James looked over her shoulder and realized she was staring at the rose. All of a sudden, Jesse said, "Romantic place, huh?" "Yea....." said James. "A little too much." All of a sudden, a huge boom could be heard from behind them. They turned around and saw a huge mushroom cloud hanging in the sky. "Jesse, come on, Meowth could be hurt!" he cried, grabbed her arm and pulled her back. They ran through the forest and back at the beach. Everyone was fine, but covered with smoke. "You idiot! When ya light a match around gas, it EXPLODES!!!" Meowth yelled in Ash's face. "Um...sorry..." "Meowth? Are you OK?" said James, stepping out of the forest. Everyone turned around and stared at him. "WHAT?!" Meowth brushed the smoke off of him. "I'm fine, these idiots are trying to kill me. Other than that, I'm OK." "You're the one who wanted a fire burning!" Ash yelled. Meowth jumped up on Ash and clawed him face. "Not with gasoline!" Jesse then stepped out of the forest. "Um....what happened?" Meowth explained. "Oh, so you're going to try to finish off Team Rocket, starting from the shortest, huh?" "" Tracey said. She took off her glove and whacked Ash and Tracey in the faces several times. "That! Means! I'm! Next!" she said each word with each slap. She put her glove back on. "Why? Why must the author make us stay on an island with three no-wits?!" cried Jesse. I have a sick mind, that's why. Now let us continue the love story.... "Love story?!" ::Nods and continues:: "Well, we might as well stay on the other side of the island. Where we're safe," said James. They then walked back through the forest. Meowth stayed behind, enjoying clawing our "Oh, My Gosh, They're Just Such Big Heroes!" heroes. "OK, let's set up the tent," said James. "Oh, my gosh! We left everything inside the balloon!" cried Jesse. "Great," James said. They kept walking down the path, not knowing what to do. Suddenly James got a bright idea. "James, it looks like you've got an evil plan that will get us out of here!" said Jesse. James nodded. They quietly walked back, Ash with his Pokéballs aside, their back turned. James stole Lapras' Pokéball, signalled for Meowth to come on. James quickly called out Lapras, and the three hopped on and started to sail. Ash realized they had stolen Lapras, and they where stuck on the island. "Hey, we're the good guys!" Ash yelled at the author. I know. "Then why are they winning?" Because I like them better. "WHY?!" Because you obviously have no brain. Besides, they're funny and they look better together, unlike you and Misty. "WHAT?!" Let me get on with the story, no one cares about you. "A lot of people like me better than them." Actually, when I go to BulbaGarden, 90% of the members hate you. Ash sighed. Back on Lapras..... Jesse, James, and Meowth sailed back toward the land. When they got back to shore, they were met by 17 Officer Jennys, pointing guns at them. James and Meowth were still on Lapras, while they watched Jesse being carried off towards jail. "We've got to get her out!" James cried, returned Lapras and ran towards them. Back at the island..... "Come on...let us off!!!!!!" Ash screamed. don't have to listen to that. Back at shore...... "James, are ya insane?" Meowth yelled. "Um...I don't know...does this plan seem insane?" "Yes! And I'm not goin' ta do it!" Meowth said, crossing its arms. As James finished dressing up Meowth, a wide grin spread across his face. "I hate ya," said Meowth. "You do it!" James shook his head. "You make a cuter Officer Jenny! Besides, Jesse always makes me dress ridiculously. It's humilating!" Meowth grumbled, and put on a blue wig. "Good luck, Meowth!" James said as he pushed Meowth to the Police Station. James pulled a black mask down over his face. They were going to sneak in at night, and get Jesse out. Meowth as an Officer Jenny (a very short one) and James disguised all in black (since it's going to be dark!). The sun started to set. "Let's go," said James, turning on a flashlight and carrying a bag of needed stuff. At the Police Station..... "Jesse, you have been convicted of several crimes. What do you have to say?" an Officer Jenny asked the locked up Jesse. "I say either let me out of here or die." The Officers shrugs and went into the back room. "Is it clear?" Jesse heard a familiar voice say. "Yea, let's go!" she heard another voice say. A short figure walked in, in an Officer Jenny uniform. Jesse stared at the figure as it walked into the back room. She then saw the door open, but nobody came inside. Meowth distracted the other Officers while James tried to get Jesse out. James pulled up his mask. "Jesse, it's me," he whispered. "James?!" "I'm gonna get you outta here." James put the black mask back on, and as he hid in the shadows, he looked through his bag, and pulled out a screwdriver. He pushed it into the lock and started fiddling with it. Jesse watched as James tried to save her. "Wow, this reminds me of a movie," she thought to herself. Her thoughts where interuppted by a "click." James pulled open the door and let Jesse out. "Oooooh, I like this spy stuff," James said in a whiny voice. They quietly sneaked out, and James hopped into the balloon. Jesse got in too. Moewth was looking through a window, and James signalled him to come on. Meowth ran out and jumped into the balloon. They flew far from the station.
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