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This Boy's Life
written by: Tobias Wolff

This book is a great book.  It is about a boy, named Toby,who struggles through life.  The only family he can really lean on is his mother, Rosemary. His mother and he have run away from his father, Mr. Wolff, and left behind his older brother Geoffery.  They are also running from Roy,and abusive boyfriend of Rosemary.  Rosemary and Toby leave, with no plan where to go.  They find a group of friendly women to live with.  Toby and his mother stay with Marian and Kathy.  Then, Rosemary meets and falls in love with Dwight.  Dwight has three children.  Norma, the oldest, Skipper, the middle, and Pearl, the youngest of the family.  Toby manages to befriend the children.  Him and Pearl become close as friends, and he gets closer to Skipper because the two have to share a room when Toby moves in with them.  They live in Chinook which is a very small town.  It's a town where everyone knows you by name.  There isn't even a high school located in Chinook.  The children must go to a neighboring town, Concrete, for their schooling.  While living in Chinook with Dwight and his family, Toby finds a new friend. His name is Arthur.  Arthur isn't the coolest person in school.  In fact, he is a "geek".  Toby doesn't really seem to mind too much.  Later however, everything changes. Toby gets into a fight with Arthur.  Then one of the boys' teachers comes.  He stops the fight, but not for reasons you would think of.  Mr. Mitchell, the teacher, holds this thing called "The Smoker".  In "The Smoker" boys who were fighting would battle it out in three one-minute rounds.  it was like a boxing match.  There was charged admission for those wanting to come see the boys battle.  Toby is not succeeding with life in Chinook.  He doesn't get along with Dwight or the other children in the town and is always getting in trouble.  For this reason Rosemary decides to send Toby to live with another family, the Bolgers.  The Bolgers have one child named Chuck.  Chuck is a very free spirited person which is not good for Toby.  Toby once again is getting in trouble for what he's doing.  He gets ahold of his brother, Geoffery, to see what he can do to shape up.  Geoffery suggests getting out of the family and going to college.  He even tells Toby where to apply.  Toby applies to Hill School. After teling some lies, he is accepted.  Mr. Howard is a representative for Hill school.  He takes on responsibility for Toby.  He helps get Toby the clothes and the attitude to attend Hill school.  To find out more about Toby's life and what his schooling at Hill school is like, read This Boy's Life.
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