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The websites below contain basic information

about PC operation and various programs.

These are nice sites to use if you have questions aboout using a PC or using particular programs on your PC.

1. Desktops

Pictures and explanations of items appearing on the desktop

Q & A regarding Taskbar, Toolbars, and Start Menu

Microsoft's quick explanation of the desktop

2. My computer

Basic paragraph description of My Computer

3. Mouse

Explains mouse buttons and actions

Scroll down to "Pointing and Clicking"  section.

Gives good info about the mouse and how to change the settings

Q & A about mouse issues.

4. Control Panel

Shows most common control panels

Scroll down to "Adjusting Settings Through Control Panel"

&     "Control Panel Options Programs "

Using control panels in Windows 98

5. Hard Drive

6.Working with Applications

AppleWorks Tips

Word 2000 tutorial

Creating a brocher with Word

Creating Tables in Microsoft Word (with calculations)

Explains some common three letter extensions that appear at the end of a file's  name.

Powerpoint Basics

Powerpoint 2000 tutorial

Publisher 2000 tutorial

Creating a brochure using Microsoft Publisher

First Class checklist and How to Notes

Basic Training Manual on First Class

Connecting to First Class by modem

Netscape Tutorial

Internet Explorer tutorial

7.Multimedia Applications

Sending Output from the ATI All-In-Wonder-Pro to a TV/Camcorder/VCR

Video capture using an ATI video player and a VCR

Connecting an EggCam

Using U-Lead 3.0 to capture video

8.  Display

Changing ATI settings for Large Monitor Display

Connecting the HP Vectra to the EarthWalk 34" Monitor

9.   Troubleshooting

Basic troubleshooting Windows 98

A one-stop Windows troubleshooting resource.

McAfee Update
Useful links
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