thsbozemanenglish Mrs. Bozeman
Taylor High School English III and IV instructor
English III
Juniors are reading Huckleberry Finn and
should be finished with the novel on Wednesday,
Feb. 2, 2000.
There will be a major exam over the novel on
Monday, 2/7.  The Silent Reading Exam will be
on Thursday, 2/9.
These will be the last two major grades for the six weeks, so...BE PREPARED!!!

English IV
SENIORS will continue
reading Macbeth through Thursday, 2/6.  There
will be a review on Friday in class in preparation
for the final Macbeth exam on Monday, 2/7.  
This exam covers  ALL five acts in Macbeth,
as well as the memorization lines from Macbeth's
"Tommorrow and tomorrow" soliloquy.  The objective
portion of the test is one test grade, and the
memorization lines will be a separate test grade!!!
Study and be prepared!!!
On 2/10 (Thursday), seniors will receive a handout for their critical analysis essay.  They will work on this in class for several days, and the final copy will be due  MONDAY, 2/21!!!
Refer to handout for requirements!!!

2nd six weeks grades end Friday, 2/11

Read a good book!!!
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